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IBM Bios Unlocking

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T61 eeprom here: (T61p-wide. New layout) (Alternate layout)

Courtesy R. Katz – USA, for the new T61p images and for all support.


This is using a small factor PS08 eeprom (24RF08 clone), its position is below the “M” key. It requires the keyboard, front bezel and the modem sub-board to be taken apart.

X61 eeprom here:

I wish to express our gratitude to S. Helie (UK) who helped us with the first X61 works, and last but not least, to S. Cyiako (Sweden) who mailed us a perfect X61 mainboard for the tests.


X300, X301, X200 and X201, X220, X230, X100e, X120e, X121e, X1…done. They use the same 24RF08 clone like the other 61’s (appart from Z61 series that still use TPMs). For X300, the eeprom has alternate connection points located underneath, near the memory socket. X100e has the PS08 mini eeprom like the X61 and X121e features the L08 (same eeprom).

X300 testpoints here:

X301 eeprom here:

Many thanks to B. Nguyen (USA) for all support.

X200 added (courtesy JD Choi – Korea):

X220 added (same location for X230):


X201 (thanks to npkub for the first eeprom images):


And another one (thanks to R. Katz):



X1 (courtesy J. STRNAD – Czech Rep.):

X1 Carbon gen1 (generation 2 and 3 use MEC1633L):

T400 & T500 added here, the same story, same eeprom located on the back of the mainboard as in T61.

T400 and T400s eeprom:

T500 eeprom:

We’ve tested on 2 mainboards and TCPA algo is again different.

Great thanks to V. Rikalovic (Serbia) and M. Yang (USA) for the nice shots.

R400, R500, W500 and W700 – R400 and W500 have the eeprom underneath. For R500 is the same 24RF08 clone located on the upper side of the motherboard, under the PCcard/ExpressCard cage. The board must be removed form the Mg frame and you have to peel the black sticker that covers the area

R400 eeprom:

R500 eeprom:

W500 eeprom:

W700 eeprom:

SL410 & SL510 – Looks like the new SL series switched from AMI to Phoenix FirstBIOS so our old friend (24RF08 – PS08) is back in business once again. R24RF08/W24RF08 is the right software, as usual.

*The older SL400/SL500 still need SPEG programmer to be unlocked.

SL410 eeprom:

SL510 eeprom:

The pictures are courtesy of J.D. Choi – Korea.

T410, T410s and T510

T410 and T510 eeprom here: (Added)

Thanks to Osman (Netherlands) for earlier T510 pictures.

Edge 13′, 14′ and 15′

This is an Edge 13 and 15, the rest are pretty similar:

Lenovo L412 / L512

L512 looks similar to Edge15, supposely L412 is also the same design. We’ll update the forum shortly:

Big thanks go to G. Williams in UK for sending us one of these.


Same eeprom location area for W510, W520 and W530


T420, T420s, T520, T530

All of them use the tiny L08 eeprom. These models have passprase always active, and they require TCPA unlock service and W24RF08. T530 has the eeprom covered by the black stickers and the alternate layout

Thinkpad Edge E120, E320

L08 eeprom again:

Thinkpad Edge E220s, E531

P24S08 eeprom:

Lenovo E420, E520

These ones use SP08 eeprom (same as 24RF08).

Lenovo E530, E540

Same 24RF08 clone.

Thinkpad Helix

L08 eeprom again:

Helix new generations are using MEC1633L

Thinkpad T430 and T430s


Thinkpad T431 (s)

Lenovo L420 / L520

Same location for both

Lenovo L430 / L530

Same location for both

Lenovo L540

L08 (24RF08)


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